Maria Hambly-Allen Dip.Shi. FwSS. FNTP
Liskeard, Cornwall.

Maria Hambly-Allen
Dip.Shi. FwSS. FNTP

I qualified in 2006 at the Devon School of Shiatsu based near Totnes, Devon. This is a 3 year course incorporating a comprehensive study of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Japanese Philosophy, Anatomy & Physiology, Pathology, Diet & Lifestyle. I have also qualified to become an MRSS registered practitioner and am fully insured. I have undertaken 3 herbal courses and have a wide knowledge of herbal use. I subsequently completed the Foundation Course of Systematic Kinesiology during 2015/16. I am a member of ASK (The Association of Systematic Kinesiology).  When giving a treatment, I focus on one therapy or the other depending on what the client has requested, but such is the overlap of these therapies, I do combine techniques and this has impressive results.

I have completed the Power Plate Fundamental Academy with Performance Health Systems UK Ltd and am certified to offer one to one training using Power Plate machines.  I have a Power Plate Pro 5 machine.  Whilst seemingly diverse to Shiatsu and Kinesiology, it is great tool for maintaining good health. 
I am passionate about health and nutrition and enjoy cooking and have a wide knowledge of making healthy food interesting and tasty, whether it be every day food or exotic desserts. Clients have often expressed to me, their difficulty in adapting to a new diet when food sensitivities are diagnosed and often have little knowledge of the varied and alternative foods available.  I offer detailed dietary support to my clients which helps to overcome this barrier. 
I love learning about the human body and discovering natural ways of caring for it, and the way the body has the amazing ability to heal itself, given the right support.

My hobbies include growing organic vegetables for my family (and giving lots away!).

I also grow many medicinal herbs and make a lot of my own herbal tinctures and natural body care products.

My husband and I love foraging for ‘free food’ in the wild and exploring nature.

Maria Hambly-Allen

Shiatsu-Kinesiology Fees

  Treatment Fee
Shiatsu Treatment

Initial Session with Consultation
1 Hour Session £40.00

Food Sensitivity Testing Includes advice and recipe ideas, 1½ hours Please enquire
Bioresonance Therapy Using Rayonex Analysis and Harmonisation System Please enquire
Systematic Kinesiology Session 1 Hour Session £40.00 per hour

It is advisable to complete and return my health questionnaires prior to coming as this will maximise time during the session. Please email me for these.

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